Shawn's Dad

Continue to pray for Shawn's dad as the one year anniversary of his mom's passing just came up.

English Ministry

God has impressed upon us more and more about how we need to spend all of our time and resources exclusively in the Spanish ministries. Pray that God would bring someone to take the English congregation and that He would give us the support to make up what the English ministry affords us.

Orem Ministry Update

We are seeing more visitors in the Spanish Services in Orem, pray that God would give us a few good families to build a work that will give us a base for reaching this needy community.

Mitzi is about to give birth

Mitzi, our daughter in law is about to have her baby. Pray that all will go well.

Spanish Family Camp

We had a great Spanish Family Camp with a little over 100 present. We had the potential for over 200 this year but because of a mix up many were not able to attend. Pray as we think about how to handle the camp as it grows.
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