The Roof Resolved

We are quickly approaching our signing date of February 20th. Thank you for praying! I met with the owner of the building we are purchasing to discuss the roof situation. I am thrilled to let you know that he has taken it upon himself to have the roof redone. His words were, “I will have it done, and it will be done the right way.” PTL! Continue to pray for the remaining $18,000 we need to pay it off completely and for funds to renovate the building and make it suitable for church services. We have $10,000 set aside after paying the closing cost of $8,000 to get a few basic things taken care of in the building. We are so grateful that our Christian Realtor is not charging us anything for this property sale & purchase, God is so good

The Roof

An inspection of the new building's roof revealed a few problems so we are going to meet with the owner and discuss how to solve them. We are praying he will choose to fix the roof himself.
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