Our Daughter-in-law

Pray for Mitzi our daughter-in-law, she recently miscarried and the news of Amanda getting pregnant has been hard. She also swallowed a pill the other day and it got stuck in her throat and they had to go to the emergency and have them remove it. She has a small esophagus and it was swollen due to an allergic reaction to something and so they had to stretch it. j

We are going to be GPs

Our daughter Amanda announced to us that she is pregnant, so Lord willing we will be grandparents in about 9 months.

Camp Swampy

We traveled to Hibbing, MN to be the Missionary speaker at Camp Swampy, the camp that is associated with our Daughter Amanda's church. There were 3 Jr.s saved and many more decisions made during the week. We got to see Amanda of course, and help in promoting VBS for their church in a parade with a float we helped make.
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