Orem Ministry

Continue to pray for the Spanish ministry in Orem. We have had four different families visit but only two have stayed. Pray for more contacts as we visit and witness.

Family moving

Please pray that God would continue to provide new families as others move away due to jobs. We seem to get them and then lose them.

Moved in

We are all moved in and meeting weekly at our new location. Pray that God would open up new contacts that we can invite, lead to the Lord and disciple.

Current needs

We still have a few needs to take care of in the new building. $5-7k for the roof, 700-1000 dollars for the cooler reconstitution, 3k for the stucco repair at the back of the building, and 18k balloon payment in two years. Pray for God's provision.

Building Dedication

What a blessed day we enjoyed on the 29th of April as we dedicated our new building to the Lord's service. There were over 100 people present and our guest speaker was Ron Ehmann. We rejoiced in the goodness of God.
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