Second Term

We just finished our second term in SEBEL (Seminario Bautista en Línea). There was an increase in the student body but many from Venezuela could not finish classes due to political unrest and lack of the availability of fuel, electricity and food. We also lost a few students from Honduras due to the hurricanes that displaced many residents. Keep praying for these countries and students.

Online ministries

Every Sunday I preach a Spanish message online and there are between 100 and 150 people who are following this ministry. Also we do a discipleship class on Sunday evenings via Zoom and the Lord has used that to grow Spanish believers in Utah. Pray that others whom we have invited to join would participate.

Utah Ministries

We are grateful that the English ministry in Utah continues to move forward, they still need a permanent pastor. Also, our Hispanic families in both Price and Orem are doing well and integrating into the English ministries and reaching out to new Hispanic families.


My dad just finished a seven week radiation treatment for the cancer on his head. He is now in recovery. He has lost some hair, some strength and some memory. Pray as he goes through therapy that he gains his strength back and recovers.


God has used our secular work to help us make ends meet while we are here in Oklahoma. Penny is substitute teaching in the school and I am driving bus. Through this we have been able to identify a few hispanic families and in fact several kids that ride my bus now come to our church for a children's program. We anticipate being able to minister to them and their parents. Pray for open doors. We also have been witnessing to a local Taco Stand guy. We eat there alot!


As you know, both Penny and I had covid in October. We have been over it for a couple of months, but there seems to be a residual effect of having the virus. Penny was left with a hollow cough and unexpected fatigue. Pray for a full recovery.

Aaron's house

Thank you for praying for my son Aaron during the sale of their house and the search for a new one. In the Salt Lake area, the housing is so tight that if you see a house for sale in the morning, by the evening it has been sold. The Lord worked it out for them to not only sell their's for a good profit, but to find and bid on a home and actually get it.

Family for Thanksgiving

We were grateful in light of all that is going on in the world, to be able to have both of our children and their families with us here in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. My dad enjoyed seeing the grandkids and great grandkids and it was an encouragement for him. We went ahead and celebrated our Christmas together.
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