New building?

This year, as we pray for continued growth in both English and Spanish ministries, we realize the possibility of needing a new meeting place. We have the potential of 11 babies in the nursery which is a 12 x 14 space! The children’s classrooms are also inadequate and are right off the main auditorium. We need to begin a midweek children’s ministry to keep them focused on God’s Word to combat the public school influence which at the same time will provide opportunity for the parents to take Institute level classes. So, with all this in mind, we could sure use a bigger building. Our location is valuable, and may provide enough money for us to find a larger building in a less valuable spot to meet our needs without spending any money. Pray for God’s leading this year in this endeavor.

Chuy & Laura

Continue to pray for Chuy and Laura. We had been praying for an opportunity to clearly present the gospel and last night God gave us about 2 hours to clearly present it. She is ready, he is still on the fence, pray that the Word would penetrate their hearts and help them see and believe.
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