God continues to show His goodness to us and provide for our needs for which we are grateful.

Local spike

After not having hardly any cases of Covid in our area, after the City decided to host three public events, a rodeo, an anual parade and an event at the Conference center, the covid cases started spiking. We have definitely gone backwards and it has affected the church ministry here as well because church members are getting sick and others are staying away.


Both Penny and I were exposed to the virus and got sick. We were in quarantine for a couple of weeks. We both reacted differently to it. I had just a few days of fever and body aches but Penny had 9 days of fever and all the symptoms of the flu as well. I lost my sense of taste and smell but she did not. We are on the mend and have been cleared by the health department to end our quarantine. We still have residual effects from the virus but are just about feeling normal now with an ocasional tired feeling.

Learning curve

Teaching online has presented it's challenges as I have had to learn new software and produce and edit videos for clases and learn the online forum where the clases are held and the interaction with the students happens. We also have had to invest in equipment and software in order to do this which has turned out to be quite an investment.


Our online Spanish Seminary is doing well, we have finished the first term of 8 weeks and are now starting the second term. The student body has grown to well over 100 students from many Spanish Speaking countries across the globe. We are so grateful for this opportunity and pray that God would send us qualified teachers to teach online in Spanish.


Duayne, Shawn's dad has had his ups and downs over the past few months. There were times when we thought he was going to be with the Lord, which is what he wants. He recently suffered a mini stroke and was hospitalized where he was able to get a battery of tests that have better diagnosed his varying condition. He started radiation today on the cancer on his head and will last for 7 weeks.
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