Water shortage

We are in a four year dry trend and we are going to have to ration the water this summer. Pray for rain and snow in the mountains!

Travel Mercies

Thank you for praying for us as we made the trip to Minnesota and back for Mary Jo's funeral.

Gabino & Olga

Gabino was saved on Easter Sunday after several years of witnessing to him. They have just moved to Phoenix, AZ and we will miss them and I am saddened that I could not baptize him before he left. We have set them up in a good bilingual church in Phoenix and pray they will continue to grow.

Miguel & Jessica

This couple we led to the Lord years ago but suddenly the moved and we lost track of them for 2 years. They are now back and we are praying God will bring them into church again and begin to grow spiritually.

Mary Jo Meyer

We are grateful to the Lord to have know Mary Jo Meyer, Penny's mom. She went to be with the Lord on April 25, 2015. She is now with the Lord and we rejoice that she no longer suffers and is reunited with her late husband Bud Meyer who went to be with the Lord 30 years ago. We can't wait to join them when the Lord calls us home!
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