Evovling with the times

We are in the process of setting up a remote ministry to the believer's in Utah where we can continue to train and disciple believers in several churches where we have won Hispanics to Christ. Pray for us as we set this up.


Pray for us as we transition our ministry here in Oklahoma. First there is going to be a lot of work setting up our home to house Duayne and us then we must sell Duayne's house and downsize him from a house to a room or two. Then we will begin concentrating on evolving our ministry to it's new form.

Duayne's health

Pray for the health of Duayne, our first night in Oklahoma was a scary one as Duayne fell in the middle of the night and called out for us to help. We woke up and found him on the floor and helped him back up. He had experienced a dizzy spell fallen and hit his head on the wall but was ok. He has been having these spells and he is going in to see the doctor next week to see if they can figure out what is going on.
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