Penny's trip

Penny has been able to fly to Minnesota to visit our grandson. Pray that she has a restful and beneficial trip as she enjoys time with our daughter and grandson and come back refreshed.

Broken leg

Pray for Evelyn Eaquinta broke her femur bone just above the knee and is in surgery. She is a nurse and an older lady who is widowed. Pray for the surgery and her spirit, the doctors and a quick and full recovery.

Water in the Basement

One Monday I woke to discover 2 inches of water in our basement due to an external irrigation valve left on. It was on for over 15 hours and subsequently flooded our basement. We had no choice but to call a cleanup service to remove the water and dry out the walls, carpet and help reverse the damage. The home insurance does not cover this and we are into it for $4000 dollars. Pray that God will supply to pay this large unexpected bill.
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